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 About Jana 

Jana is an Artist who lives and works in Wiesbaden with a long tradition in her own visual world. Her partly large-scale, abstract landscapes are created from overlapping layers of different materials and consistencies. 
Sensory impressions, light moods, structures and colour spaces overwrite each other and open up different visual layers.


2023 October 28'th - 29'th Tatorte Kunst Wiesbaden

2023 October 27'th - November 12'th Trotzdem Schaustelle BBK 

2023 October 1'st- 31'st Chase Young Galerie Boston, MA

2023 September 13'th - 19'th Alte Seilerei Frankfurt

2023 IncubARTor Galerie Rother Wiesbaden

2022 Arte Wiesbaden
2021 Arte Wiesbaden
2020 Concept Store BOA

2019 Open Ateliers Wiesbaden

2018 Frankfurter Salon, Frankfurt

Since 2023

Member Bund bildender Künstler (BBK e.V.)

Since 1996         

Theatre painter / freelance artist e.g. State Theatre Wiesbaden

1993 - 1996     

Training as a theatre painter at the Wiesbaden State Theatre, graduation as a certified theatre painter (DBK)


Studies in Theatre Studies, History of Art


Born in Groß Gerau, Germany

gem. §5 TMG

Jana Albrecht

+49 (0) 170  1823 336

Taunusstrasse 38,

65183 Wiesbaden, Germany


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